Audiodinamica | BeCube Line



Audiodinamica BeCube line is the meeting point between the world of audiophilia and product design and its aim is to convert a series of high-performance audio devices (Step Up transformers, preamplifiers and amplifiers) into products with a viral layout.


Choosing a simple geometry (the cube) we designed a series of iconic products, easy to link to each other harmoniously. The use of semi-finished products – materials on which we intervened with laser cutting and bending – optimizes both the production process and the customization of individual components.

All “cubes”, infact, are assembled using the same parts – an external frame and an extractable internal frame -, and the diversification of the latter allows different technological components to be installed in each device. So each cube has the same shape, but not the same function. Finally, each cube is available in different colors and materials.

For the identity project, we visually translated the term audiodinamica, cutting it in two: “audio”, in its abbreviated form, becomes the logo, inspired by the filters of an equalizer; dinamica, however, is its dynamic movement, which generates all the patterns of the visual, characterized by flexibility and modularity.