VenueMadliena, Malta


Casa CRBN is a space where very diverse materials are able to coexist and dialog, just like the different sources of inspiration for its design, which were drawn from Eastern and Western culture alike. The architectural project focused on reorganizing existing spaces, turning this into an organic home that blurs the line between architecture and interior decor.


The combination of industrial and luxurious materials – ranging from cement to wood, from brutalist finishes to arabescato marble – makes Casa CRBN a high-impact space. The most theatrical pieces were tailor-made for the apartment, including the imposing kitchen counter – as monumental as an altar – and the bookcase that brings together all the materials used in the decor.
Upon client’s request a “transparent staircase” was added, using white, perforated sheet metal to create a solid but weightless structure. Finally, the living area was organized around a functional volume that effectively provides both separation and decor. Casa CRBN is a place where white and light create a space that is simple, yet grand.