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Where is my money? and Itís time to clean are part of the serie Stories About, ceramic objects for the home, expression of our design identity: attention to daily aspects, product form derived from functions,
and the exact amount of irony and curiosity not to take everything so seriously, like Castiglioni's way...
Each product has a double use: one is explicit, the other one is suggested by a sentence on it.

Where is my money?
Tool for unaware saving

If you empty your pockets inside a box, you expect to find everything again.
With Where is my money? this doesn't happen; you will lose sight of some coins, fallen in that little hole that turns this object into an unaware moneybox.
You won't notice the absence immediately, but you'll be happy to find some coins when you really need them.

Itís time to clean

Itís time to clean is the formal expression of two different functions, connected by the idea of cleanliness and perfume: a flower pot and a support for toilet and towel rolls.
Letís join these two functions, letís forget unuseful formalisms and youíll have this ambivalent object.


Aprile 2009