Design Crisis

VenueMilan, Italy


Conceived and curated by JVLT/JoeVelluto + lamatilde, the Design Crisis exhibition opened during the 2009 Salone del Mobile, at the P4 Temporary Gallery, located in a former factory along Milan’s Navigli. What cues and formulas could help us overcome the particular crisis that had hit Italy at the time – a crisis that was financial but also cultural, environmental and sociological? Could a professional creative – someone whose job is to analyze and design, using ingenuity for survival – tackle and solve this “crisis”?


Design Crisis analyzed a unique moment in time through creative expression, allowing it to freely roam from product to theory, from art to music, and so on. Design Crisis explored the critical approach of professionals from different fields sharing a common affinity for creativity: designers, architects, critics, journalists, economists and entrepreneurs, as well as artists, doctors, musicians, cooks and craftsmen – each one of them expressing the relation between crisis and creativity in a different way.


Leandro Agrò, Luca Ballarini, Alberto Bassi + Francesco Messina, Paul BeauChamp, Marco Bettiol + Diego Paccagnella, BRH+, Stefano Caggiano, Fabrizio Capobianco, Cristina Chiappini, Marco Chiurato, Antonio Cristaudo, Eugenio Farina, Silvia Ferri De Lazara, Beppe Finessi, Fabrizio Galla, Martina Gamboni, Rini Giannaki + Dennis Askins, Alessandro Guerriero, Giulio Iacchetti, Independent Ideas, Massimo Lunardon, Marco Mancuso, Luca Mercalli, Stefano Mirti + Mariano Dallago+ Alice Pelliccia Serafini, Cristina Morozzi, Nucleo, Serena Osti, Lorenzo Palmeri, Pata Magazine, Eugenio Perazza, Kuno Prey, Domenico Raimondi, Saturnino, Cristiano Seganfreddo, Giorgio Tartaro + Gabriele Celentano Aprà, ToDo, Cristiano Troffei, 3.6.0., yet|matilde

JVLT/JoeVelluto + lamatilde

JVLT/JoeVelluto + lamatilde

Matthew Margolin