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The “designer” label has been abused to the point of becoming meaningless. “Design” means “project”, and should stand for innovation and research – scientific, social and expressive. In this sense, the objects selected and showcased in this book are hopefully truly “designer”: like the products that make our life better every day, created by designers whose name is unknown because, as the “subversive” Dino Gavina once said, “the good ones are home, working”.


60 projects for a critical reading of contemporary production, in an attempt to start a conversation between worlds that seem far away: art and design, craftsmanship and industrial production, natural and artificial, real and virtual, permanent and ephemeral.
60 in-depth sheets describing the products and their manufacturing process, including critical commentary on their designers’ philosophy and rich imagery.
60 “guinea pigs” selected for outstanding research, manufacturing and usage, in an attempt to describe and rewrite the future on a human scale.


Michele Cafarelli (Ed)

in collaboration with
Marco Ruffino, Ruggero Blasi, Rossana De Gaspari, Silvio Tidu e Angela Di Massa

Espress Edizioni

Walter Maria De Silva

Chiara Comuzio