Homeero – your home hero

VenueTurin, Italy
ClientHomeero s.r.l.


Any problem you may have with your home, Homeero can search and find the best solution for you: it makes finding tradespeople and repair specialists quick, easy and affordable. Since heroes’ job is to solve people’s problems, Homeero’s features will make it the hero around your house – as the name, a fun portmanteau of the terms “home” and “hero”, suggests.


The Homeero logo features a light and modern italic font, suggesting speed and reliability. The double E looks like eyes smiling at the user, or maybe like a superhero mask. Homeero’s social media communication is visually inspired by comic books, the typical genre for superhero stories. Rays of light, speech bubbles: comics’ stylistic conventions create the ideal backdrop for the company’s communication strategy, in a tone that reveals a “heroic” identity but never trivializes the message.